About Us


Promafco was founded in 1997, when it became apparent that there was dire need in the province of Limpopo for the establishment of a culture of entrepreneurship. Job opportunities, particularly in the more rural areas, were very limited and while most people in the industry had great talent and skills in various areas, they did not have the basic business know-how to utilise those skills unless they were employed by someone.

In 2003, with the introduction of the Sector Training and Education Authorities of South Africa (SETA), Promafco’s business focus was shifted to property development, as the SETA took care of the training and development needs in the sector.

Today Promafco is a vibrant, 100% black- owned property and infrastructure development company, with a distinguished track record of projects across the spectrum of residential developments, civil and infrastructure and commercial facilities and buildings.

Promafco is committed to promoting sustainable and cost-effective housing and infrastructure solutions, while delivering exceptional value to the clients. The Company is proud of its contribution towards resolving some of the socio-economic challenges facing South Africa.


Our mission is to develop significant partnerships with all our clients, business partners and beneficiaries. Promafco provides top quality services with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We aim to participate in the creation of an environment that maximises sustainable growth of all stakeholders, employment and wealth-creation.

Our vision is to be a vibrant, self-driven organisation achieving distinction in the property development industry. As a South African company, we aim to become the preferred supplier for projects related to social development and the economic wellbeing of our society.


Promafco, through the David Mabilu Foundation, sees its role in three main areas:

  • Contributing towards meeting the housing and infrastructure demand by becoming a centre for social and housing programme
  • Providing affordable housing solutions within an integrated infrastructure, including financing, construction and project management
  • Maximising participation of previously disadvantaged individuals and enterprises, by providing the necessary support and opportunities.